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“There is a condition, known as apophenia, which is the tendency to see patterns in a collection of meaningless data. In its most trivial application, it is looking up and seeing lions and bears in the random contours of clouds. But it can also produce the hysteria that gathers around a sighting of the Virgin Mary on a piece of burnt toast or the inevitable fate of the hapless gambler who believes he is on a lucky streak.”

Kevin Broome is an artist, writer, graphic designer and environmental activist based in Robert’s Creek, British Columbia.


Thread: Diaphany

I have been on and off of Twitter over the years but for whatever reason it’s never felt quite like a fit for me. Having recently killed my account yet again, I wanted to keep a copy of this thread that I thought had sort of come together…

Guitar Stylings

Latin: Malagueña

Malagueña, by Ernesto Lecuona, arrangement by Ben Woods

The guitar stylings project continues. This outing features Latin noodlings in a flamenco-inspired vein by the Cuban composer and pianist Ernesto Lecuona. ¡Olé!, bitches.

Guitar Stylings

Slap bass: Phunkdified

Phunkdified, by Justin King

Welcome to my silly new project to record guitar pieces in as many different styles as possible. This first effort features “slap bass” played on the acoustic guitar. Take that, Seinfeld.


The Talent Code

I have been reading up on skill, learning and coaching lately and finding the exercise useful. As a little experiment, I’m posting the notes from my first read here. The book is interesting and I think its lessons summarize well. -N.

Guitar Stylings

Alexander Variations

Alexander Variations, by Nick Dinka

The simple theme this piece is based around came to me while I was sitting on the couch with my infant son Alexander, noodling on the guitar as I am wont to do.

It was inspired by his presence, somehow capturing the feeling he gave me in those early days. A little while later I cooked up the rest of the piece, which consists of nine brief sections, one for each of the months he spent growing in my wife Tina’s belly.

Each section is also inspired by some phase in my own musical development over the years, with references to Eddie Van Halen, Neil Young and the violinist Niccolo Paganini, among others. Hope you enjoy!



Leaf poem

Late October, and leaves from that ancient maple at the top of Dufferin
were scattered across roofs, yards, street.

Many that had hung close together during the bright
summer parted ways.

Some gusted east, towards the river, others south and west.
Still others struck out north for the open country.

Maybe this was due to their diverging political views,
or perhaps they had simply grown tired of each other’s company.

When the wind blew up again
the sky was filled with whorls of pitiless colour.